The Characteristics of A Christian Man – 4 Powerful Traits

Creation of Man

Wake up Men! You are here for a purpose and mission! If you are seeking answers and want to engage life with drive, purpose and passion, then I invite you to consider 4 key characteristics of a Christian man.

I’m not sure what it is, but clearly something is going on in our society with men, particularly young men. Men seem to be in a “lethargic” state, lacking focus, energy, motivation, and purpose. Too many men are just “watching” life go by…sitting on the sidelines as bystanders and not fully engaging in the arena of life. Men are choosing comfort over challenge and are settling for mediocrity.

We must first start by understanding what it means to be a Christian man. Identifying yourself as Christian is just the beginning of the journey…the next question is what are you going to do about it? It’s important to understand that as Christians we should be striving to be “Christ Like”, so we have to look at how Christ lived and then take action to model that….we must connect the dots.

The characteristics of a Christian man are based on how Christ lived his life. The 4 powerful traits are:

  • Be a Man of MissionChrist
  • Be Committed to Spiritual Development
  • Be a Servant Leader
  • Be Courageous

I can tell you that if you commit to consistently practice these 4 traits there is no doubt that you will have drive, purpose and passion in your life. Do it, and you will not just “watch” your life go by year over year, but you will grow into a strong confident man that will be in pursuit of becoming the best-version of yourself.

What makes humans unique and different from animals is that we have the capacity to have a vision for the future, take control of our thoughts, and then turn those ideas into action to reach our desired outcome. Knowing this is empowering and it’s up to us to learn and gain the understanding to change our lives. It all starts with the mind, take control of your mind and you CAN change your life! A new mind…a new perspective!

A Man That is Mission Driven!

If you look at the life of Christ it is very clear that he was a man on a mission. He knew why he was here on earth and that he had a plan and purpose. To use a metaphor, a man with a mission is like an arrow in a bow of an expert archer aimed at a target. When that arrow is released it goes with force and precision!Archer and Arrow

What about you? Do you know your mission? Have you taken time to pause and reflect on why you are here on earth? With all the distractions and busyness in life it’s hard to quiet the mind and think about the direction of our lives, but as Christian men it’s important that we make time to do that. We must learn who we are as Christians to discover what God is calling us to do, I believe we all have a mission and it’s our duty and obligation to find out what it is and then go do it!!

A man without a mission will coast through life, drifting and deviating from his purpose and ultimately feeling a sense of “emptiness” in life….if he is honest with himself and removes his masks, his heart will tell him something is missing. If you don’t know your mission, make it your mission to find out. Once you find it, you will be like an arrow in a bow of an expert archer…you will be propelled with precision to fulfill your purpose!!

Commitment to Spiritual Development

A second key characteristic of a Christian man is making a commitment to spiritual development. Unfortunately, this is something that is usually at the bottom of the priority list for many men. I have to admit that I was guilty of this myself for many years until I started to search for significance in my life and slowly embarked on a journey to learn what it means to be a Christian.Church

It wasn’t something that hit me like lightening or that I woke up one day and had a revelation…it was more of a slow progression that resulted from small cumulative steps of having an open and curious mind to read, watch, and listen to Christian spiritual development content. Spiritual development is no different from any other area in your life that you want to improve, if you devote time and effort in learning and practicing, you WILL grow.

It’s like wanting to get physically fit and you make a commitment to yourself that you will start going to the gym 3x a week. You start off bench pressing 50 pounds, week after week, and then you start to feel a little stronger, so you add another 50 pounds and now you are up to 100 pounds…little by little, not only are you getting physically fit, but you are growing stronger and your self-confidence begins to increase…you start to believe in yourself and your potential…that’s empowering!!

Servant Leadership – An Admirable Trait

The third key characteristic of a Christian man is servant leadership. If you were to ask 10 people what is leadership, you would get 10 different answers. In a world where we have access to an abundance of information with so many perspectives, we have to be selective and discern wisely who we seek advice from and what we read, watch, and listen to. As a Christian man, if you want to know what true leadership looks like, I would recommend that you take a close look at Christ.

Christ modeled servant leadership throughout his life. He was a man with a servant heart and didn’t put himself above others, he practiced the virtue of humility and came to serve, not to be served. Contrary to what many people may think, humility is not a sign of weakness, but of strength…humility and strength are two sides of the same coin.

Soldier helping over the wallAs Christians, we are called to be Servant Leaders…to look out for the best interest of others…to seek opportunities to build others up, not break them down…to help people be their best and believe in themselves. Unfortunately, servant leadership is not so common in today’s world…but when you see it, you know there is something special and different about that person, it’s an admirable trait.

Courage – Fight For Something Beyond Yourself

It’s been said that we will do more for others than ourselves, that in theFighter jet process of doing something for someone or something we deeply care about, we will find the courage to act. I believe this to be true. The fourth key characteristic of a Christian man is to be courageous. This all ties back to having a mission…a calling….a purpose…something to fight for.

Christ clearly was fighting for something beyond himself, he had a mission to fight for, and it was the mission that fueled his courage to fulfill his purpose. The same is true for us as Christians. We were not put on earth to simply exist and take up oxygen…we were given talents to put to work for something greater than ourselves, a higher purpose. It’s up to us to go out and find something beyond ourselves that we feel a sense of urgency to act and then make a commitment to be courageous and make it happen!!

Be a Man Who Changes the World!

Over 2,000 years ago, before Christ left this world, he gave his apostles a Apostlesmission…the mission was to change the world! Today, that mission still holds true for Christians. As Christians we are called to do the same as the apostles…to make a positive impact in our home, workplace, community, church, and the world.

In order for us to be successful on this mission, we must first start with training our minds, we have to educate ourselves in our Christian faith. There are plenty of resources online (books, DVDs, CDs, etc.) that can help you gain the knowledge and understanding to get you started on your journey. If you are seeking a deeper meaning in life, then make a commitment to invest in your spiritual development and you will feel empowered to change the world!!

12 thoughts on “The Characteristics of A Christian Man – 4 Powerful Traits”

  1. Hi Jeff. Great post. I have to agree that there seem to be so many people without a mission in life these days. I don’t know what it was like in previous history, but there is definitely a sense of hopelessness with many of the young men today. As you say, all they need is a change of mind and this alone will propel them forward to actually want to achieve something more with their lives. The examples are there, like Christ, who was filled with purpose and this gave his life meaning and passion. When we adopt a meaningful purpose to our lives, we too can be filled with passion and this is the way for each and every one of us to live a fulfilling and rewarding life! Thanks for sharing your traits of powerful men. They are worth striving for.

  2. Great article and agree with what you said to be true. The television then the social media have stolen our kids by design. And more people need to wake up and take responsibility for themselves and their children.

  3. Hey!

    I really enjoyed reading this post! You are really good writer and you can make it so interesting with your great compelling writing attitude! I learned new things from this post. I would be interested to hear, what are the characteristics of a Christian women? 🙂 Thanks for this great article!

  4. Wonderful article. Thank you for some really deep thoughts for both young and old. It is disappointing to see the young men fall away from the values that Christ presented his disciples. Values that we should still hold in high esteem today, but seem to think they have no meaning in today’s world.

    Thanks for speaking out in a world that more and more values the world than the word.

    • Hi Barry. Thanks for the feedback! Happy that you enjoyed reading it. It’s a message that I deeply believe in and will continue to reach out to those who are open to hearing a positive message. All the best!

  5. I could not agree with you more on the commitment to spiritual development. Without growth, you might as well not be a Christian. It is an important part of living. You need it or else you are dying. There is no way around it. Every morning I wake up and meditate. I get a little better each and every day. It matters in case you ever run into trouble down the road. Consistency is key.

    I do have a question though. Do you have any articles that go deeper into the aspects of spiritual development? It is something I want to explore further.

    Thank you for sharing and I hope you make it a great day!

    • Hi Alex – Glad you enjoyed the read. Great to see you have made a commitment to yourself to learn and grow in the area of spiritual development! It is my foundation and source of peace and strength to live life with optimism and hope. I’m working on creating more content so if you have an interest stay tuned! Best wishes!

  6. Wow, this is an amazing post! I couldn’t agree more with everything that you have said Jeff.

    Since Jesus is THE way, the truth, and the life, I always strive to do what He wants me to do despite the challenges that He throws at me. These challenges are definitely tough but at the end of them, they have always been worth it.

    What you said about men being a Man of Mission really struck me. I always strive to do God’s will as best as I can and having a “Man of Mission” attitude definitely requires a lot of precision and adjusting before shooting that arrow. Many times I’ve failed, but God always helps me re-calibrate so I can shoot that arrow again more accurately.

    Thanks a ton for this post Jeff. I feel as if God was speaking to me through this reassuring me that I just need to keep doing what I’m doing in Him.

    • Hi Mark – Thanks so much for the feedback! I am inspired to hear that this post struck you in a positive way my friend. We were made for mission, it’s a matter of finding what that mission is, if we intentionally search for it God will reveal it to us. I believe that God works in mysterious ways and speaks to us through his word, music, circumstances, and other people. If this post added value to your life then that’s what it’s all about…connecting with one another to encourage and inspire each another. I’ve heard it say that encouragement is “oxygen” for the soul, I believe that to be so true. You’ve encouraged me to keep writing…and so I will. Thank you Mark!


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